Monday, August 17, 2009

I fail at this blog!

Hi lovelies! Okay, so I have made up my mind that I will quit being a slacker and start posting more entries!! I would like you all to leave a comment and let me know what kind of stuff you would like to see on here. I am planning on posting FOTD (face of the day) post with picture and makeup details, make up and products reviews and working on swatches of new products. If there is something else your interested in please let me know!!

Hearts you all!


  1. I really think that the FOTD is a GREAT idea!

  2. i agree with Tamara. And you don't fail at this blog. We all understand that life gets hectis sometimes and sometimes there isn't time. :D

  3. I like the face of the day idea! You don't fail at this blog. Everyone is busy. I hardly update my blog now. Even my friend wishes that there are 36 hours a day so that we can do what we want

  4. Hi Elise,

    I love yor blog and youtube channel! I started my own blog because i can't post youtube videos. Do you have any suggestion/ genral advice or how I can make my blog bigger and get more followers. Heres the link if you could check it out!

    Much appreciated xoxox